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Diaperkind cloth diaper service was founded in April 2009 with the mission of making cloth diapering accessible and manageable for everyone. In doing so, the three words that resonate at Diaperkind are Community, Environment and Respect. All of us at DK live right here in NYC, so we share your (arm-laden, foot-swollen, sleep-deprived) steps.

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diaperkind's "Diaper House" diaperkind's "Diaper House"
  • We have a Mentor Program comprised of seasoned DK families. One of whom likely lives right around the corner from you and can drop by to show you the ropes when needed.
  • Our "Diaper House" has been built with you in mind. In addition to being diaper friendly, it's parent and kid friendly too! So we'd love for you to come by and share some pie (Four and Twenty Blackbirds is just up the street) while letting the kids run around and play.
  • We're committed to supporting the organic cotton industry and process. And have chosen a socially (and charitably) responsible grower in Pakistan.
  • We wash several sets of diapers together in high-efficiency washer/ extractors for the best water and energy efficiency.
  • We label each family's diapers so that you're ensured of receiving the same ones back each and every week.
  • We use a plant-derived detergent that's been DFE Certified by the EPA.
  • We take our DK team very seriously by providing living wages and benefits.
  • We do not use gas guzzling panel vans. Instead, we keep routes small and concentrated so that our drivers can use their own cars or trucks, thereby using minimal gas and keeping a needless van off the road.
  • We donate our retired diapers via charitable organizations. (they've gone to Haiti, to flood victims, to Uganda through Village Birth International, to low-income families in the US, and to animal shelters too!)

Our FriendsTogether, we are dedicated to this venture. We believe in cloth diapers, in this service, and in the kids and families who will benefit from it. We're dedicated to doing our part for you and for our environment. And doing it properly so that we'll be around for you for a long, long time.

  • Sarah Edwards, Co-owner Sarah Edwards, Co-owner

    Sarah was born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin. "There was no city trash pick-up. There was no city.", Sarah says, "So reducing, reusing, and recycling was just how it was. Cloth diapers were treated the same as dinner plates or glass jars. You washed them and used them again. And when you outgrew them, they were passed on to their next family. I just never knew anything different."

    So when Sarah had her twins, in 2006, she used cloth diapers and home-laundered to do it. It was during this time that she'd see postings on the parent message boards from folks wondering why there wasn't a cloth diaper service in New York City. And so it was that diaperkind was born.

    Pre-diaperkind and post-farm, Sarah was a Broadcast Producer in advertising for 18 years which had her traveling the world working on accounts including British Airways, Pfizer, ESPN, Nike, and Miller Brewing. She's lived all over the nation: in Minneapolis, Seattle, Vail, Los Angeles, Dallas, and now New York. She's an accomplished cook, a pathetic gardener, and she suffers from travel lust. Sarah lives in Brooklyn with her husband (a Brit), their two kids, and their adopted stray cat.

  • Liz Turrigiano, Co-owner Liz Turrigiano, Co-owner

    Though Liz was born and raised in the city, her story is fairly small town. She married her high school sweetheart and they are raising their son and daughter on the very streets of Brooklyn where they both grew up.

    Liz's first baby, Zoe, was barely out of the hospital when diaperkind was launched. "I remember thinking that I hadn't even put a comb through my hair since the baby arrived and now I am going to join a start-up business! Am I insane?!".

    But the idea was too good to pass up. NYC was in desperate need of a reliable and eco-friendly cloth diaper service, so she jumped right in. Head first. With a newborn baby at home and the end of her maternity leave rapidly approaching.

    Liz and Sarah met while working at Wieden + Kennedy on a campaign for the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Liz, a former photographer and art buyer, was ready for a change of pace. Opening a business in her hometown seemed too good to be true. Though every so often she wonders why she traded in a life of being surrounded by photography and illustration for mounds of diapers, getting to be a part of the lives of so many new families that live around you AND feel good every day about what you are doing to help them and the planet is pretty incredible.

  • Marta Baumann, Co-owner Marta Baumann, Co-owner

    Marta is a native Texan who moved to New York over a decade ago. There's no twang, there's no big hair (on most days!), and she's not much of a country music fan.  Instead, she's a hopeless film buff and lover of all things vintage.

    Marta was a successful hair colorist for 10 years when diaperkind was getting started. She decided to leave the world of salons and join Sarah and Liz to help develop and grow the business.  Her daily role is to balance staff, operations, and customer service.  With her background in salon management, it was a pretty seamless transition to building the diaperkind team.

    "I know, to some, it seems odd that the business I choose to dive into is all about parenthood and babies considering that I am not a parent myself.  But to me, it goes beyond that.  The beneficial impact that diaperkind has on the environment is incredibly motivating."

    Marta now lives in Boerum Hill with her husband Jeremy and their grumpy frenchie, Chica.