Diaper Service FAQ

Diaperkind is a cloth diaper service for NYC (Jersey City, Hoboken and Weehawken) based in Gowanus, Brooklyn. We’re here to provide you with a weekly supply of unbleached cotton diapers that we launder using an EPA-certified plant-derived detergent. So that, in the process, we leave the smallest eco-footprint possible. If you’d like to cloth diaper but find the prospect to be overwhelming, then consider us your one-stop low-fuss solution!

For a complete picture of how the service works, use the links below and give this full page a read-over and feel free to email us with any additional questions.

  • What areas do you serve?
    • manhattan: all neighborhoods
    • brooklyn: all neighborhoods
    • bronx: all neighborhoods + Mount Vernon
    • queens: neighborhoods whose zipcode starts with 111 or 113 (and the 114s that border these)
    • new jersey: all of Hudson County
    • If your address doesn't fall within the above areas, please email us- we may be able to accomodate you.
  • How much does the service cost?
    • Our Organic Cotton Prefold Service starts at $36 per week. 
    • Our Fitted Diaper Service starts at $46 per week.
    • And with any of the above, you can add on Cotton Wipes service for $8 per week.
  • What does the Registration Fee include?
    • Our $50 one-time, non-refundable Registration fee includes:
      • establishing your new diaperkind account
      • prepping your first set of diapers
      • prepping all future sets of diapers (size changes) through potty training.
      • your 4 week Grace period (for more info see question below)
  • How does the 4 Week Grace Period work?
    • We will deliver your first set of diapers approximately 7-10 days before your due date.  A service fee is incurred for this first delivery.
    • After we've delivered your first set of diapers, there is a built-in 4 week Grace Period to allow for late babies and slow starts. During this time, no service occurs and no weekly fees are incurred.
    • If you have not activated service within 4 weeks of that initial delivery date, your weekly recurring billing automatically kicks in the 5th week.
  • How do we sign-up?
    • There is a great deal of important information exchanged during the order process, because of this we ask that only the parents themselves do the signing up.
    • To order diaper service, please head to our  Sign Up page.
    • (I’m afraid that we can’t take sign-ups via email or over the phone.)
  • How far in advance should we sign-up?
    • We schedule your first diaper delivery to occur approximately 7-10 days before your due date.
    • And it takes up to 3 weeks for us to establish your account.
    • So you can sign up as far in advance as you’d like, but be sure to allow at least 3 weeks.
    • If your baby is already here or is expected in sooner than 3 weeks’ time, then simply sign up and allow up to 3 weeks for us to deliver your first set of diapers.
  • You provide the diapers, what else do we need?
    • We provide and launder the diapers while you purchase and maintain your own accessories. The accessories that we think are the Must-Haves are bundled into the Starter Packages that we offer, but if you're compiling your accessories from friends or á la carte, here’s what we think is needed:(all of these items can be found on our Shop page)
      • 6 diaper covers
      • 2-4 Snappi fasteners
      • 1 Heavy Duty Diaper Pail
      • 1 Diaperkind Washing Powder (for Cover Care)
      • (the diapers are delivered in a bag that doubles as your pail liner, so no need to purchase a bag)
    • A note for twins or multiples: We provide you with double the amount of diapers and I’m afraid we recommend you stock up on double of the accessories - even the pail.
  • Does it matter what kind of diaper pail we use?
    • Yes, using the right kind of pail with cloth diapers is imperative.
    • We’ve tried several diaper pails and the one that we offer is the only one that we recommend: it’s cloth-friendly*, it’s large enough to hold a week of diapers and it really does lock any odors in tight.
    • *Important note: if you’d prefer a pail other than the one that we offer, just be sure that it is NOT a Diaper Dekor, Diaper Champ or another kind of pail that binds diapers in plastic bags. Cloth diapers simply cannot tolerate being bound in plastic. Think: stain city. Instead, the best alternative is actually a lidded trash can or hamper bin with a 14+ gallon capacity.
  • How often and at what time are diapers picked up?
    • We service your neighborhood one night each week between 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM. Upon signing up, you’ll be given your designated weekly “Exchange Night”. So just have your dirty diapers out no later than 9:00pm on your Exchange Night and we’ll swing by to swap them out with a fresh set!
  • How do you access our building?
    • During sign-up, you’ll be asked to select a secure Diaper Exchange Point. The options are as follows:
      • with your doorman
      • in front of your apartment door via your doorman
      • inside your unlocked vestibule or lobby
      • inside your locked vestibule or lobby (you provide us with a building key*)
      • in front your apartment door (you provide us with a building key*)
      • inside your locked outdoor bin (you provide us with a padlock key*)
    • *For any Exchange Point that requires a key, we'll schedule your first delivery between 9pm and midnight and will buzz and/or call you to bring by your first delivery + pick up a key copy to use for all future swaps.  (and will do our best to make it as close to 9pm as possible)
    • Note: We’re afraid that buzzing/calling you each week isn't an option, nor are unlocked exterior exchange points. This is for a myriad of tried and tested reasons, so a quick, secure and stealthy exchange point is required.
    • Special Co-op Note:  Co-ops, in particular, can have hyper strict key copy rules. But it usually does the trick to think of us as (or name us as similar to) your dogwalker, petsitter or housekeeper; for which, key copies are generally not a problem.  And that's exactly us!  Our drivers are all on staff and it really is the same person that visits your building 50 weeks of the year.  One other Co-op Note:  some Co-ops have strict rules on keeping the hallway clear at all times so that choosing "in front of your apartment door" can be tricky.  In these cases, it usually works to either (a) choose "inside your vestibule or lobby" instead, (b) guarantee your building that the pail will only be in your hallway for a few hours, one night per week, (c) determine an alternate spot that your building is okay with, like a mechanical room or basement laundry or storage room, (d) choose a secure outdoor location like a gated/locked side entry, courtyard or refuse storage area or (e) set up a "locked outdoor bin".
  • What is your wash process?
    • Our wash process uses minimal chemistry at extremely high temperatures in commercial washerextractors.
    • We use only a plant-derived detergent that has been DFE-certified by the EPA.
    • All in all, our diapers are fully cleaned, sanitized, pH balanced, and rinsed so that no soap or residue remains that could irritate your baby’s skin.
    • Every step of the way, your baby and our environment are our priorities.
  • Will I get the same diapers back each week?
    • Yes. Upon signing up, we assign you an entire set of diapers numbered just for you. Say... #121s. And we will return these exact same diapers to you each and every week.
  • Who owns the diapers when we’re done?
    • You are essentially renting the diapers as part of the weekly service. So when you grow out of one size of diaper, you’ll turn in that full set and we’ll swap you out for the next size up - for no additional cost. It’s all part of the service! Your previous set of diapers will be specially washed and sorted and sent off to their new family. Then, upon potty training (or cancellation), you’d turn all of the diapers back in to us at your final pick-up.
  • What if our baby arrives earlier than expected?
    • Just log in to your My Account page and follow the instructions there to let us know. So long as we’ve had the 3 weeks needed to set up your account (+ a few days’ notice of your baby’s arrival via your My Account page), we’ll be able to deliver your first set of diapers on your next soonest "Exchange Night".
  • What if this is my first time with cloth?
    • Most DK families start out as rookies - so you’re in good company. Our philosophy is: keep the videos below at-the-ready and when your baby arrives, dive right in. You’ll be changing your baby approximately 10-12 times a day, so with all that practice you’ll be pro in a day or two.
    • The Videos below are your most important how-to. For the majority of our families, that is all that’s needed to get going.

      If, however, you would like more assistance...

      • Upon signing up for service, you’ll have access to a My Account page that contains How-Tos for everything that we can think of, step by step.
      • You can register for one of our monthly Cloth Diapering Classes where we can show you the ropes.
      • We host weekly Support Groups around the city where you can come for hands on help (and to meet fellow cloth diapering parents!).
      • We have a Yahoo Group where you can exchange questions, comments, diaper discoveries and hand-me-downs with other diaperkind families.
      • And if after you’ve given it your all for a few solid days you still find yourself scratching your head (and rubbing your sleepless eyes), we have a team of seasoned diaperkind "Mentors" that can arrange some hands-on time with you.
  • Are cloth diapers really the best choice?
    • You can ask 100 people this question and get 100 different answers. But take it from a group of people who have lived and breathed cloth diapers for the last 8 years (+ the years that we were in them ourselves) and our answer is a resounding "yes".
    • To help illustrate the reasons for our commitment, we’ve gathered information on all the diapering choices available and compared their monetary and environmental costs, their convenience factors and their general pros and cons and charted it for your review here.
    • In addition to the chart, a word about our diapers themselves: Our Organic Cotton Prefolds are made of 100% certified organic cotton twill. Woven 8-ply strong with luxurious Pakistani cotton, they are wonderfully thick and thirsty. The cotton for these diapers is grown and harvested according to GOTA (Global Organic Textile Standards) under the EKO Sustainable Textile Scheme. Our supplier is also in the process of receiving international recognition for Social Accountability.
    • Prefolds, in the cloth diapering world, have withstood the test of time. Even with the availability of such things as All-in-Ones, Pocket Diapers, Fitted Diapers and Contours, prefolds are still king. Why?
      • affordability, certainly.
      • but, they are also incredibly absorbent and are leak-proof when folded properly and used with a snappi or boingo.
      • and their fit can’t be beat - one simply adjusts the fold or Snappi/Boingo tension and they fit perfectly as opposed to fancier diapers whose fit is limited by the factory-placement of snaps, velcro or gussets.
  • Once I’ve signed up, how do I make Changes or Adjustments to My Service?
    • As part of signing-up, you’ll create a personal My Account page where you can view and manage your service details and payment methods. And, too, hit your My Account page to get insider Tips, Videos and Advice for each diapering stage and find answers on pretty much anything diaper and service-related.
  • How do Gift Certificates work?
    • Just direct family and friends to the Gift our Service page.
    • Here, they can purchase Gift Certificates for you in any amount that they’d like.
    • We then email them the certificate so that they can personally give it to you.
    • To redeem your certificates: Click My Account to Login or Create an Account. Then enter them into the Payment Methods tab. After that, you can sign-up or apply them however you'd like!
    • One important note: just like any store, service or restaurant, our Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and they expire after one year. However, they are fully transferrable and can be used for both accessories and/or service.
  • How does billing work?
    • If you have Gift Certificates, see "How do Gift Certificates work?" above.
    • Billing, if four parts
      • Part I - Signing Up For Service

        After completing sign-up, registration, and check-out, the total of your shopping cart will be processed using the Payment Method(s) that you entered.  Nothing else will be billed until your First Diaper Delivery.

      • Part II - Your First Diaper Delivery

        Your First Diaper Delivery counts as a service week, so your account will be charged for one Service Fee.

      • Part III - The 4 Week Grace Period

        After we've delivered your first set of diapers, there is a built-in 4 week Grace Period to allow for late babies and slow starts.  During this time, no service occurs and no weekly fees are incurred.

      • Part IV - Active Service & Weekly Recurring Billing
        Weekly recurring billing kicks in on the date for which you've Activated service OR after the 4 week Grace Period expires (whichever occurs soonest).

        Weekly service is automatic thereafter and weekly service fees are incurred as follows:

        • For any week in which we are scheduled to either pick up or drop off (read:  anytime a driver makes the trip) you will incur your full weekly service fee.
        • For any week in which you've scheduled a Skip (read:  the driver does not make a trip), you will be charged just $10 for diaper rental; for the diapers assigned to you that are in your house or on our shelves.

        If you fail to schedule your service hold via your My Account page or if you fail to schedule it by 11am of the affected Exchange Night, your account will remain "Active" and you will incur a full service fee for that week.

  • How do I schedule a service hold?
    • Just log in to your My Account page and select the My Service Schedule tab to enter your Skip date(s).
    • Be mindful that diapers MUST be laundered weekly, so fill out your dates as far in advance as possible (and no later than 10am of your affected Exchange Night) and plan your diaper usage so that no dirty diapers are left unlaundered.
    • For the weeks that you are Skipping, the diapers assigned to you will await your return on our shelves and in your home, so the $10/week “Inactive/Rental Fee” is incurred.
    • BUT, the set of diapers are yours to use while away - and we encourage it! You’ll have been given washing instructions from the Holds Form, so you can totally go for it - lots of DK families do this!
  • How many diapers am I provided?
      • Prefolds-Twee are provided with 180 diapers rotated over 2 weeks (90 per week)
      • Prefolds- Small are provided with 160 diaper rotated over 2 weeks (80 per week)
      • Prefolds- Medium are provided with 120 diapers rotated over 2 weeks (60 per week)
      • Prefolds-Large are provided with 100 diapers rotated over 2 weeks (50 per week)
      • Fitteds- Size 1 are provided with 140 diapers rotated over 2 weeks (70 per week)
      • Fitteds- Size 2 are provided with 120 diapers rotated over 2 weeks (60 per week)
    • After delivering your full rotation of diapers over 2 weeks (half each week), we then return to you the exact number of diapers that we picked up from the week before.

      If ever you need to adjust your diaper quantity, just log in to your My Account page.

  • Do you have special pricing for twins / multiples?
    • We charge full price for one child in diapers with us. Each additional child added to your account will receive 50% off their weekly service fee.

      For twins or triplets you will be signing up for all babies at once and the discount will be automatically applied.

      If you already have one baby signed up for the service and are expecting another, just head to your My Account page to sign-up your second baby. There, you’ll be asked to choose a size and enter a due date. Siblings recieve a full 50% dicsount on both the start-up fee and the weekly service fee.

  • What happens when my baby goes to daycare?
    • Contrary to common belief, the Department of Health does not prohibit the use of cloth diapers in Daycare Centers. We have been in contact with the DoH’s Bureau of Childcare division and have literature from them that explains the daycare-cloth guidelines. We have also reached out to several daycare centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens and have a running list of those who are cloth-friendly. Please feel free to contact us when the time comes for this transition and we’ll be happy to help in any way that we can. If it ends up that your daycare or babysitter of choice is not open to using cloth diapers, please email us interested in part time cloth diaper service) and we can come up with a service plan to keep you in cloth part time.

  • Do you have a referral/rewards program?
    • We sure do! Word of mouth endorsements are what has grown our business for the past 8 years. Nothing means more to us than happy cloth diapering parents sharing their enthusiasm with other new or expecting parents! For specifics on our Refer a Friend program head here.

  • What is your Privacy Policy?
    • We only ever use your email address for weekly diaper pick-up reminders, to alert you to any service changes, and to provide tips when your baby has reached a diapering milestone/transition period.  And we will never share your information with any third parties. Ever.