Diaper Service Signup

  • Prefold Diaper Service

    Prefold Diaper Service

    $34 per week

    Our Prefold Diapers are made of super soft and thirsty unbleached cotton twill. Cozy rectangles that when folded onto your baby, secured with a Snappi and covered with a Diaper Cover, make excellent (and blow-out proof!) diapers.

  • Organic Prefold Diaper Service

    Organic Prefold Diaper Service

    $38 per week

    Our Organic Prefolds are soft and thirsty just like our standard prefolds, but are made with unbleached organic cotton twill. The cotton for these diapers is grown and harvested according to Global Organic Textile Standards under the EKO Sustainable Textile Scheme.

  • Fitted Diaper Service

    Fitted Diaper Service

    $46 per week

    Our Fitted Diapers are made of soft unbleached birdseye cotton. Their hourglass shape allows you to put them on your baby with no folding required. Like our Prefold diapers, our Fitteds fasten with a Snappi and get wrapped up in a Diaper Cover.

To understand how our Diaper Service works, please be sure to read the FAQ before signing up.