Mentor Program

When you sign up for cloth diaper service with diaperkind, you are not just getting clean diapers delivered to your door each week, you are joining our community of over 300 NYC families. All of us at DK live right here in NYC, so we share your (arm-laden, foot-swollen, sleep-deprived) steps.

If your baby has arrived and, after a week or so of consistent cloth use, you are still struggling to get the hang of the diapers - let us help!

You are welcome to attend a Support Group or to schedule a Phone Consultation.

Or, if you are really having a tough go of it, let us come to you! If we are diaperkind are unavailable to make the house call, a “Mentor” will be sent to your house as soon as can be arranged.

Our Mentors are fabulous (and helpful!) seasoned DK families living throughout the city. 

Click Here if you are in need of at-home assistance. Be sure to tell us a bit about the problem you are having so we can try to troubleshoot right away and/or pick the appropriate person to send your way.

And if you are now a seasoned veteran and are interested in becoming a Mentor please click here and tell us how old your baby is, how long you have been cloth diapering with prefolds, what your general availability is and why you are interested in becoming a Mentor.